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Pond and Common Area

The pond and common areas are for Cedar Ridge Subdivision residents only.

Fishing at the pond is catch and release only with the exception of crappie, bluegill, and brim. All are recommended for removal by the North Carolina Game and Inland fisheries. If a guest of a homeowner is fishing then that guest must be accompanied by the homeowner and children 12 years of age or under shall not be allowed at the pond or common area without the supervision of an adult.

Fishing for all residents is available from the dam area and is accessible from Unicoi and Spring Pond pathways. All other access to the pond is from private property. Please be respectful and ask for written permission to fish from these properties. There is NO common area or 5 foot buffer on residential properties that allows fishing.

Motorized vehicles are not allowed on the pond path or the common areas, which can cause damage and/or erosion into the pond.

Tar-Pamlico Riparian Buffer Protection Program

Tar-Pamlico Riparian Buffer rule summary:

Fertilizer application: One-time fertilizer application at agronomic rates in the riparian buffer to establish replanted vegetation is allowable but no runoff from this one-time application in the riparian buffer is allowed in the surface water.

Ongoing fertilizer application is prohibited.

The use of herbicides to remove vegetation may not be addressed in the riparian buffer rules but is strongly discouraged by the association. This can cause erosion sediment to be deposited into the pond. Dumping objects and/or substances into the pond are strictly prohibited.

Any violation to the Tar-Pamlico Riparian Buffer rules can incur hefty fines per day for an infraction by the North Carolina Division of Water Quality.